Age of Technology


Are you adapting to today’s AGE OF TECHNOLOGY or are you finding yourself being left behind?

The industrial resolution is over – this is the new revolution of the new millennium – the Age of Technology is here!

Is your business adapting to it, or are you being left behind?  Finally most owners were convinced a few years ago that one had to have a website, but having a social media presence or Digital Marketing as tech-savvy people, call it – is just as important today.  In fact, it is essential.

Today your business must have a Facebook page and a YouTube Channel.  It seems so obvious – why would you not want to have a free platform like Facebook and YouTube which is the number 2 and 3 most visited websites in the world – yes, GLOBALLY! (Google has been in the No 1 spot now for more than a decade)

Building your own communication platforms is essential to get your brand message out there.  You want to promote your offer to as many people as possible without having to over spend on advertising and brochures which do not always reach your target audience as effective as social media platforms.

Therefore, it is time to wake up to the opportunities of technology today.  Gone are the 1900’s – this is the age of the young new millennials and they are going to be DISRUPTIVE in the marketplace and will become a serious threat or contender to long established companies.

The best example is UBER – They are “killing” the traditional taxi industry as we know it.  Just like emails have largely “killed” the delivering of letters by the postman.  The postal industry is adapting into becoming predominantly package & logistic companies. 

So is the taxi companies going to adapt or die as the use of online technology becomes more dominant?

Is your company going to adapt as well by embracing Social Media as a marketing platform, or are you still saying “Unlike the large retailers, I don’t have to reach so many people worldwide, because I only have one or two local retail stores”

This is old-school thinking.  In the new technological age companies are not limited to bricks-and-mentor anymore but reaches out to more consumers through online-shopping.  Do you have an online shopping store?

Ok.  So I understand some of the “excuses” or “problems” namely, that software and different platforms and apps are flooding the market and CHANGING too fast.

Business owners feel overwhelmed and cannot keep up with the pace of change.  Should I have an Instagram platform as well and what is Pinterest all about?  Is another computer software update really necessary and how much do you pay an employee to focus on Social Media?
These are all legitimate questions as our Technological Age has also brought with it a lot of confusion due to what I call…… CONTENT OVERLOAD.

There is just too much information and content that is uploaded daily and we don’t know who and what information to trust. 

Yet, this problem of every amateur being able to provide content on social media and then push themselves as “experts” on their channel is just the reality and a feature of what is happening today. We will have to learn to live with it.  We would also have to learn to do some research ourselves and discern who the person is that we can trust and what is there track record.

But there is no excuses – You have to invest in Digital Marketing today and you as the owner must learn enough about it to aquire knowledge to take responsibility in hiring or going to the right training company to make Social Media part of your business.

You need an inter-active website with links to Google-maps, Facebook, You-tube and Twitter.  You need to update your website on a regular basis so it no longer functions like an old-fashioned static Yellow Pages Ad.

The Internet is here to stay. Whether we are business owners or employees, we have to take courses to learn Specialist Software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, and specialist Graphic Design products like Corel and also Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator – it is time we adapt AND grow!!