Newsletter 176

In my One-To-One Training classes, I teach you the industry relevant content in an ordered, step-by-step way so that………..

Newsletter 175

The types of designs required by clients keep growing and becomes more and more challenging and unique, ie……..

Newsletter 174

BE PREPARED FOR ABSOLUTELY ANY OPPORTUNITY THAT MAY ARISE.As the owner of Calvin Academy, I also lecture all about Entrepreneurship and…….

Newsletter 173

Setting goals are important.  We all have daily goals.  But here’s the problem I have when people tell me their goals.  

Newsletter 172

A Company is only as good as its staff – But employees are motivated to work because they are guaranteed of a salary.

Newsletter 171

I hope that most people who read my weekly news updates are career driven or are passionate about growing their small or part-time business.

Newsletter 170

It was really disappointing to see last week’s destruction of malls, shops and many food supply chains burnt.

Newsletter 169

Life sometimes throws a curved ball at us.  Just when we have vaccines readily available at Clicks and Dis-chem and can register for it, we suddenly go into a Level 4 lockdown due to the Delta variant of Covid-19.