Make it your goal to dominate your business niche

What are you filling your mind with? What are you constantly thinking about?

Should you start work at 9 am weekday mornings, like most people do, are you really thinking about business? Are you thinking about anything that is going to improve or better your business or career or are you thinking about general stuff?

Weekdays are not made to be thinking of holidays, or where or what you ate the day before.  Your mind must be on business – constantly.  You must be focused on how you can improve yourself, your skills and how you can become an industry leader in your field of expertise.

The fact is that the results we get in our lives happens because of what we think about all day and focus our mind on.  You know we are all basically the same, with the same physical, human make-up and emotions and that we differ basically in two ways only – namely our thinking and our results.

Our results show how far apart we really are – example: some people are extremely healthy and others have poor eating and fitness habits.  The list goes on and the spectrum of the extremes are noticeable. 

Have it ever occurred to you that these results, whether good or bad is a result of THINKING. What you think about, most of the time will determine your results.

We all know the popular business book, THINK AND GROW RICH by Napoleon Hill.  Well, the opposite is equally true …. You can THINK AND GROW POOR.

Therefore it is of utmost importance that we stand guard of the gate of our mind and do not allow ourselves to think constantly about topics that is not going to take us forward in life.

There is a time to think about business and there is a time to think about leisure or pleasure.

The day is meant for working, not filling your mind with meaningless thoughts.  What is the conversations running in your mind during the day?  How to be successful or perhaps how your feelings got hurt yesterday.

Thinking happens all the time, try not to think about anything for a moment, it seems impossible.
It’s no wonder people find it so difficult to meditate – we simply can’t stop thinking.

So if we are going to be thinking most of the time, then let’s think about the right topics at the right time of the day so that when we act on it, then the likelihood will be… BETTER RESULTS.

That is why we should constantly be reading plus taking courses to improve our business results.  Especially specialist computer-related courses that is related to our business life because we all have laptops and cell phones today. 

We are living in the digital era.  So we must have the proper skill-set. Furthermore, we must also improve our sales and marketing skills so that we can negotiate a better deal for ourselves once we are better computer-skilled.  It won’t help if you have the right skill-set for your industry but you cannot monetize it (turn improved skills into improved income.)
Think about it.