News Update 172

04-08-2021 News Update 172

Hello, Calvin here…….


A Company is only as good as its staff –

But employees are motivated to work because they are guaranteed of a salary.

Here some people or most will disagree with me but there are ways to make work more about service and teamwork than income.

Once every person working for a boss or themselves realize that SERVICE COMES BEFORE REWARD and puts the focus on improving their SERVICE, they will see the rewards in the future.

My in-laws used to live in a small town, Porterville, and early in the year as Autumn approached you would see the green seedlings grow, but it was only about 8 months later in November, that you saw the hills covered with golden, yellow wheat.

Most people I came across wants to go to work and rightly get paid but there is constantly a complaining about low salaries while these same people don’t ‘plant’ by learning new skills to improve their SERVICE at work and learn about computer-tech or people management skills.

I trust that you too or a person like myself that believe in delayed rewards through hard work and improved skills first – SERVICE COMES BEFORE REWARD.

Let’s invest in our future today by taking courses and learning new skills every day without getting complacent.  We can all do this.

If you are thinking about getting ahead in your career and want to show your employer that you are currently booked for a specialist software course related to your industry….then…achieving your course certificate would be easy if you realize that any success in life is a series of small achievable steps

Each software course level that you successfully take will be well planned out for you so that the course you are taking is teaching you the industry relevant content in an ordered, step-by-step way so that you are not “all over the place” learning from irrelevant self-study material that does not focus on the basics first and foremost.

Planning and customising your course and design excersises (homework) by your lecturer is essential so that applying what you have learned can be demonstrated in practical examples which will be relevant to your job and that your lecturer has customised for you.

Now you will feel more and more empowered as the software functions/tools start to make sense to you and you gain confidence with the programme because of the planning and input of the expert who is showing you one-to-one the best methods to use.

View my mny one-to-one course training offers here:

Calvin’s School Training Venue:
Tygerberg Art Centre
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Glenlily, Parow,
Cape Town

Calvin’s House Centre Venue:
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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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