MYTH:  All computer courses are basically the same and therefore can be self-taught

This stement is a Myth. Let me give you a simple example.

To me all toothpaste is basically the same. And yet the competing toothpaste companies seem to disagree.

What makes one toothpaste better than the other? Surely ALL brands of toothpaste keeps your teeth and gums healthy?

I can understand product differentiation when it comes to cell phones or cars because with technology type products there are big differences in features and there are many benefits to point out among competing brands even though all cell phones is basically a communication tool.

Unfortunately, many people are not always clear on the huge differences between various types of software when it comes to computer training.

Example: Learning software like Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint or even learning how to use different apps to create media content and then being able to post it to Facebook, Instagram or Youtube, is NOT complicated to learn and be self-taught.

Yes, most Microsoft products and apps can be self-taught and can be
compared to my “tootpaste” products example because they are basically the same and can be self-taught simply by watching YouTube Training Videos. BUT this elf-help, video-method cannot be done or applied to all software.


Software products that CANNOT be self-taught are the ones where successful practical application is essential for specialist industries like Graphic design, Engineering and architecture design companies.

To master design, you need specialist one-to-one training by an industry expert focussing on the basics as well as practically applied design learning and guidance to master all aspects of the specialist industry.

So lets not fool ourselves by this MYTH of being able to be self-taught.

These design companies are looking for competent employees and they are not impressed by people who claim they know how to use the software but then fall short when they are employed and they realize they cannot use the software according to company’s requirements and expectations.

Different trainers may offer different content but being taught by an expert with many years of industry experience is the only way to master specialist products like Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. And should you be looking for a career at an architectural, landscaping or ant engineering related firm, then mastering AutoCAD and SolidWorks is essential through one-to-one training.