News Update 177

22-09-2021 News Update 177

Hello, Calvin here


In any career or business venture, you must have one strong personality trait……ACCOUNTABILITY.

It is amazing how managers, staff, and even business owners want to “pass the buck”.

In other words, they do not want to be held accountable when things at work go wrong or the “spotlight” is on them when a mistake has been made.

Staff members report in sick when it is “Black Friday” and the store is much busier than usual.

Managers blame staff when sales targets are not reached. Owners blame the economy (or COVID-19) when sales figures drop 3 months in a row.
No Accountability!

Taking responsibility and working hard every day on business goals which has been set and then monitoring its progress until all goals are reached successfully and on time is an indication that you are committed.

When you see aspects of goals going pear-shaped, you must immediately alert your company team-members and you all take action collectively.

You know you are accountable for the outcome as well because you take an active part in the process of achieving set goals.

This shows you have leadership qualities and have ideas and a contribution to make to the company.

If you are the type of a person that does not back away from a challenge then I want to encourage you to take one of my specialist software courses because it will not only develop your skills at work but it will demonstrate that you are serious about being accountable to yourself regarding your future career growth. And it is also an indication that you are on the path of self-development as a person as well.

Let’s be highly skilled, motivated but also accountable for outcomes as well instead of getting onto the blame-game wagon like people often do (heaven knows how crowded that wagon is already).


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