News Update 178

28-09-2021 News Update 178

Hello, Calvin here

The window of opportunity to get a well paying job related to your career in 2022 is February.

As staff start to get back to work after the holiday season winds down next year, the focus turn to employment once again. Many workers then try to improve their living standards by finding better paid jobs.

So now is the time for my young Calvin-Academy students to step up to the plate and secure a position as a DIGITAL DESIGNER and showcase their Specialist Computer Software Skills that they mastered in class and are currently refining at their internships.

Their business and eCommerce sites can be viewed from the link below:

They are competing with many other college graduates who are (1) a few years older and (2) have their own cars to get to work. This may seem as a disadvantage to them at first, but once these 2 barriers are overcome with my help, they soon get employed because their superior software skills and self-discipline shines through.

I personally help my young graduates overcome these 2 barriers by ensuring that their CV and reference letters are professional and clear and then I connect with the prospective owners myself and promote them.

In this way they are able to by-pass any manager who confuses young as being inexperienced and immature.

This means that I make an effort to connect with companies looking for digital designers to maintain their eCommerce site and maintain their Social Media Marketing as well.

This coming month I will be working hard with students to get the CVs ready and to help ALL my students take advantage of this February window of opportunity.

You are also welcome to visit my college website to find out more about my mission/vision to get young people in the community on track with their career as soon as possible.

Go to:


Whether you want to learn in the mornings, evenings or over a Saturday/Sunday morning, please reply to this emailer and I will be there to help you get started.

Computer graphic software like CORELDRAW /ILLUSTRATOR/ PHOTOSHOP and AutoCAD / REVIT / SOLIDWORKS is best learned if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT in a SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

View my mny one-to-one course training offers here:

Calvin’s School Training Venue:
Tygerberg Art Centre
Du Toit St
Glenlily, Parow,
Cape Town

Calvin’s House Centre Venue:
37 Van Eyssen St
Glenlily, Parow,
Cape Town


Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

Reply to this email & enrol today because getting ahead in your career, matters!

Calvin Dorman
084 632 6622