News Update 187

11-02-2022 News Update 187

Hello, Calvin here again.

I will tell people that success, however you define it, is constantly knocking at your door. Make a little effort by taking a little consistent action each day and in this way you will let the luck step inside.

Open the door, don’t ignore the knocking. Opportunity will not enter by itself.

Surprisingly, many people are afraid to do so. They are unwilling to take risks, and prefer to stick to their old patterns and habits, hoping luck would come along and by some miracle – simply fall in their lap without much effort on their part.

Nothing changes if nothing changes. You have to change and take the risk to do something a little different.

Success in business and in your career choice….is a plan, you cannot rely on luck in the short term.

It is like going on a very long trip by car. But you don’t have to take this trip during the day only. You can also get to your destination by travelling in the dark of the night.

Don’t be afraid, you do not have to know exactly how your business plans is going to unfold, you don’t have to see further than your headlights, and you will also finish your trip safely.

How can luck happen when you are not making new plans and executing on them?

Maybe now is the time to diversify and extend your product offer or learn a new course that can compliment your career.

Take new risks. Take new actions, no matter how small they may be.

Opportunity is right at your doorstep, do not ignore it, but embrace it.

Open the door and take advantage of directions in your career.


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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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Calvin Dorman
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