News Update 200

20-05-2022 News Update 200

Hello, Calvin here…….

Do you have the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations? 

How many people, do you think, are self-motivated enough to find a reason and strength to complete a task, even when challenging, without giving up or needing another to encourage them

  Why in the world would a boss need to motivate employees? I know you’ll have a million good reasons as to why it is done, but think about it for a moment. 

I can understand that you can increase SKILL level with on-the-job-training, but should one actually be hiring or training someone to be motivated at his or her job? 

Here’s my theory on this topic of SELF-MOTIVATION: On the one hand, the person is doing the job basically because there is some aspect to the job that is fulfilling and that he/she is passionate or cares about and they can make a living from it. 

Then, on the other hand, there is the person who cares only for the pay-cheque; they would rather be doing something else, but that “something else” is not bringing in the money like the “pay-cheque job”, so they simply do the minimum.

Now, let me come back to my question I put to you in the beginning… Why in the world would you need to motivate employees? 

The answer: because there are too many people who would rather be “doing something else” but they have become “addicted” to the pay-cheque. 

Are you self-motivated in your career path? Are you determined to be the best in your field of expertise and are willing to grow and learn, whatever it takes or whatever it might cost you? 

This question about self-motivation is an important question to ask. Do not rely on friends, family or your boss to “pump you up” to meet targets or set personal goals. 

This is your task. Here is the simple truth: People who have found their passion in life are by nature SELF-motivated. 

They stay on top of their industries and market trends. They are self-motivated to learn more about their job. 

In fact, they do not see their “job” as a job, but as a blessing to be able to learn and do more EVEN if they do not get recognition for it. 

They do not care about getting “appreciated” for their contribution – they are too busy focusing on their growth experience. 

There are many tools you can use to help you get self-motivated. Books, seminars, mentors, role models, vision boards, etc, but you have to realize that it has to start from within. Meaning: 

It is a choice or a decision you make to be motivated each day. It is like brushing your teeth… it is something you have to do each day and not skip. 

You CANNOT allow, nor wait for people and circumstances to get you motivated and fired up. 

Simply, pick up the tools each day yourself and stay motivated. Be aware that a motivated person has the energy levels to far out-perform any competitor. 

Motivated people are ACHIEVERS and you won’t find them procrastinating. Let’s set our goals and archieve it with passion.

I will tell people that success, however you define it, is constantly knocking at your door. 

Make a little effort by taking a little consistent action each day and in this way you will let the luck step inside. 

Open the door, don’t ignore the knocking. Opportunity will not enter by itself. Surprisingly, many people are afraid to do so. 

They are unwilling to take risks, and prefer to stick to their old patterns and habits, hoping luck would come along and by some miracle – simply fall in their lap without much effort on their part. Nothing changes if nothing changes. 

You have to change and take the risk to do something a little different. Success in business and in your career choice….is a plan, you cannot rely on luck in the short term. 

It is like going on a very long trip by car. But you don’t have to take this trip during the day only. You can also get to your destination by travelling in the dark of the night. 

Don’t be afraid, you do not have to know exactly how your business plans is going to unfold, you don’t have to see further than your headlights, and you will also finish your trip safely. 

How can luck happen when you are not making new plans and executing on them? Maybe now is the time to diversify and extend your product offer or learn a new course that can compliment your career. 

Take new risks. Take new actions, no matter how small they may be. Opportunity is right at your doorstep, do not ignore it, but embrace it. 

Open the door and take advantage of directions in your career.



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