News Update 209

05-08-2022 News Update 209

Hello, Calvin here again.

Will it not be good to know exactly how many people are aware of your business offer on a weekly basis?

AWARENESS (reach):
Eg. 350 last week, 400 this week and so on and on it goes. Growing with time.

Your constant fresh content posted on different platforms adds up.
100 via emailers + 100 via Facebook + 50 via Gumtree/Facebook marketplace + 50 via your website + 50 via Whatsapp Status = 350.

More or less 350 people will keep visiting your different platforms (social media & apps) because your business information is interesting, always fresh & new and most important….relevant to them.

“This is all fantastic Calvin and I would love +-350 prospective clients to be aware of my business offers every week but how am I going to post fresh content every week?”

“I dont have the time, expertise nor the money to do this good enough to show results on an ongoing basis”.

Yes, this is what most business owners say to me but now my specialist Digital Marketing business can help. Now you have the opportunity to create enough awareness of your business on a constant basis without relying on expensive once-off Ads whether in publications or Google Ads.

For the price of and as little as a cup of coffee (R25) at your favourite coffee shop per day…you can afford to partner with me and my RedDrum team so that past clients and recommended people can start emailing you again for your products/services because you are building more communication (rapport) with them on a weekly basis.

In fact, you cannot afford to have a business website and not do Digital Marketing to attract visitors to your site.

Now for the first time you can have a professional team doing it for you for the price of a daily cup of coffee while you can relax and simply monitor the weekly numbers as it comes in knowing that at least 10% of those reached will give you a call during the month. Then all you have to do is close the deal of prospectives interested in your offer.

How many deals have your business closed this month?
It could have been more if you had the RedDrum team expertise on your side.

Call me today or whatsapp me now and lets make your website work for you with Digital Marketing.

Whatsapp me and lets chat. 084 394 4325

It is no longer over-priced and small businesses like yours, can now also afford it immediately as I am cutting the prices of WordPress website creation to which will fall under R2900

You no longer have to pay over R5000 /R8000 for a WordPress website as in the past!

View more examples of WordPress websites I have created recently:


I have been offering and have been dedicated to one-to-one specialist software training for many years now because it remains the best method of training to ensure better results. But now it also means you can continue to upgrade your skills this year by learning the latest versions without putting your health at risk.



Visit my CalvinAcademy Website and download the 2023 Prospectus by clicking the link below

Find out more about my Digital Design College for young people from my website here:


Find out more about my specialist computer software training courses…

Whether you want to learn in the mornings, evenings or over a Saturday/Sunday morning, please reply to this email newsletter and I will be there to help you get started.
Computer graphic software like CORELDRAW /ILLUSTRATOR/ PHOTOSHOP and AutoCAD / REVIT / SOLIDWORKS is best learned if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT in a SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

Training venue address:
37 Van Eyssen Street


Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

Reply to this email & enrol today because getting ahead in your career, matters!

Calvin Dorman
084 394 4325

Calvin Dorman
084 394 4325

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