News Update 213


02-09-2022 News Update 213

Hello, Calvin here again.

Consider adopting an Owner mentality and not a Manager mentality.

What do I mean by Owner Mentality?

Simply this, just because you own a small business it does not necessarily mean that you have Owner Mentality. You could in fact just be a very good manager. I have seen many small business owners that get caught up in the Manager mentality and this poses a fundamental threat to the long term sustainability of any newly found small business because these owners try to manage every aspect of their business.

In a nutshell we can compare owners and managers as follows:

1. OWNERS focus on the growth of the company, whilst MANAGERS want better systems.

2. OWNERS negotiate deals for long term gain while MANAGERS want to control everything now. (Operations Driven vs Vision Driven)

3. OWNERS are by nature practical people and thrive on calculated risks that pay sustainable rewards. They focus on building relationships with customers and staff alike. MANAGERS tend to be more materialistic by nature.

4. OWNERS are strategically focused (big picture focus) whilst MANAGERS (rightfully so) are obsessed with attention to detail. (Task focused)

Reflect on the above with some honest introspection as a business owner. Is the growth of your business suffering because you are too caught up managing the day to day operations instead of building long term relationships with key stakeholders and partners that can grow your business to the next level?
Do you have good managers that can take care of the business details and ensure every customer is 100% happy with the service offered. 
I might not get it right every time but I know I am trying every day to be the best I can be.



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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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Visit My One-To-One Training website by clicking the link below

Visit My One-To-One Training website by clicking the link below

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