News Update 214

09-09-2022 News Update 214

Hello, Calvin here again.

ECommerce done correctly will take your business to the next level.
But what does the two words “done correctly” look like.

Amazon and Takealot has done eCommerce correctly but how are you and me going to get this right looking at where we are today.

I believe this takes some business inventory where we look at what works and what we are still stuck in denial about. And the brainstorming of a plan customised for your business that can be implemented realistically.

A good plan and step by step execution on a good plan is essential.

RedDrum can help evaluate your current eCommerce business and identify the pitfalls. Expertise on a results-driven plan is key and here we can also help.

“If you want to improve the results of your online shopping business or want to create one from scratch then you need to talk to me today”


1. I create it with WordPress and WooCommerce which provides best functionality & security.

2. I load 20 products for free and thereafter I can load 12 products a day Mon-Fri for R500.

3. My goal is to grow and add value to your online shop with fast service and expertise assistance so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with new technology.

4. I help you reach more customers by offering digital marketing which can be tracked and measured.

5. I keep you informed and stay in contact with weekly WhatsApp news updates.

6. I am the most affordable professional eCommerce business offering the lowest prices.

7. At only R2850 for an online shopping website, my price offers unbeatable value for money.

8. I assist you set up your PayFast account app so that you can login and monitor your money/sales.

9. I offer a full service package offer where I can present an affordable delivery service on request.

10. I offer hosting with an unlimited space size on the Xneelo server platform for as little as R99. p. month should you not have a service provider.

Don’t tell me how hard you work. Tell me how much you get done. Results is the name of the game.

You need to grow your skills to enable you to earn more or make more profits. But you must also dedicate yourself to continuous learning.

This is important for me. 

I am passionate about business and design, therefore, I am continuously learning more and more about Creative Graphic/Web Design every day so that I am always on top of my game. I want other designers to look at my work and say “Gee, I wish I had done it”.

Continuously learning means that you focus to become an expert in your chosen field. You apply the 80/20 rule to everything you do and you focus on becoming an expert in the 20 percent of tasks/actions that will contribute to 80 percent of your desired results.

Have you noticed that highly skilled people in any particular field of business, never stop growing. They seem to improve and achieve their goals all the time. 

You soon also realize that excellence is a moving target. And you commit yourself to do something every day that will enable you to become better and better at the most important things in your business and delegating the rest. 

You become aware of not merely spending time in or at your business, but the true meaning of working on your business.

As you focus more on improving your skill level, day after day, week after week…you will realize that you begin to think in terms of the possibilities of your expectations rather than probabilities of outcomes.

Stories of failure won’t interest you anymore. Instead you will be energized to get rid of old habits and become increasingly goal-orientated on business activities that produce real meaningful results.

Let’s get skilled, let’s get focused, let’s get the results we want.


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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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Calvin Dorman
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