News Update 217

30-09-2022 News Update 217

Hello, Calvin here again.

I want to mention the lack of client service today because I often feel that it seems that big business is not sending their staff on training, especially regarding client service but just taking this for granted.

For me and for any small busines it is vital that we do not lose sight of our clients and just take them for granted as most bigger companies do in my view.

Whenever you meet a client face to face do you think “how much money can I make from you” or do you think “your success is my success….how can I go out of my way to help you so that my product offer is the best and most memorable experience”.

This belief that the success of your client is vital for your own well-being will result in you being greatly rewarded after a period of time.

As your clients grow so you grow alongside them.

Ask yourself whether the type of clients that tend to gravitate towards you is successful or struggling.

If you find that you are presenting your offer or service to clients who are constantly trying to save a buck from you or are reluctant to pay you on time, then the problem essentially lies at the heart of your beliefs and you should stop looking at the client and finding fault with them.

I know that might be shocking to hear but think about it for a moment.

Be aware that the business principles you have adopted as a result of your beliefs will start appearing in your life.

Yes, the formless belief will start taking form.

If you have clients that you are constantly criticizing or bad-mouthing or maybe simply just ignoring, then it is most likely that you have NOT adopted the belief that “my client’s success is my success”.

Ask yourself: When I mention my client’s name out loud, do I get a warm fussy feeling because I know we both support each other like we are a team? If the answer is yes, then a true friendship can develop and financial rewards and profit will then simply become a fruit of that business relationship.

We have all heard of vision boards to enable us to keep motivated and to affirm our success. Well, my vision board is now also showing all my clients as being successful knowing that their success is my success.


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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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