News Update 223

11-11-2022 News Update 223

Hello, Calvin here again.

There is usually a gap between one’s image and reality as a business person. But what do I mean by the two terms “image” and “reality”?

You see, in business every company has an image they project in many ways.
Example: Often the image of success is projected by the luxury offices, the luxury cars of managers or the large number of staff. 

As a small business owner, myself, people may think I am successful by judging the car that I drive, the size of my house or the amount of years I have been in business.

However, perceptions of success by people (your potential clients) is relative and can be misleading. Yet there is still many small business owners today that hold onto the idea that they have to somehow
uphold their “image”. They confuse this so-called “image” with BRANDING.

Instead, hold onto the values and principles as a future business owner and a leader in your community by being yourself first

Now let me give you my opinion on what I mean by “reality”

Here it is not important what others think of your success but what you personally know to be true according to your conscious and value system.

Example: As a business owner, I have access to my balance sheet and know the profits I make each month. No “outsider” has access to this information and therefore their judgements are made on
exterior symbols of success which I mentioned before which can be very deceptive and far removed from reality.

Many business owners try to hang onto an image of success visible to the “outside” world but their own family or staff can be demoralized by lack of investment in new resources (e.g. new computers) or
mounting debt.

Although I am a firm believer of “walking tall” and staying positive, I also believe that one must not be afraid to face one’s own business “reality”

Take the bull by the horns – if it is a month of poor sales, then adjust
accordingly and cut back on unnecessary expenses and focus on
productivity among staff and yourself. Simply work harder and longer
hours. Put in the effort to get out of this month’s “dip” in sales.
Don’t make excuses like “Oh, it is always like this way this time of the year” – there should be no excuses.

You and your staff should be judged on your business skills and level of performance and not on the way you dress or the car you drive. 

Results is the name of the game. 

This is achieved by working hard and dealing with business “reality” head-on.

Companies and CEO’s I admire are the ones that keep on growing despite a weak economy because they are rooted in building lasting relationships with clients and staff alike.

They are service orientated and do not focus on what type of
“image” they project.

Once you, as a business owner or career driven person, build your success on business principles like honesty and adding value to your clients, you will not care much about the gap between your “image” and “reality”.

Stay focussed on your purpose and vision you have set out for yourself when you started your business in the first place, and you will become successful beyond your wildest dreams.



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