News Update 226

01-12-2022 News Update 226

Hello, Calvin here again.

We focus on teaching our students  entrepreneurship and specialist computer software skills like all Adobe products, Corel products, Social Media and WordPress.

We teach our students how to become Digital Graphic Designers to get them paid design internships/jobs after only 10 months when they graduate with their Diploma.

Digital design is a general term that is more relevant now than ever before. Put simply, any kind of design that appears in a digital format (on an app or website), rather than in print (on a physical page), is considered digital design.

We teach our students both aspects of Graphic Design as well as Digital design so that they are well equiped for current online job requirements as well.
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Employment is important! You want to start start your career immediately after graduation.

You want to earn a good salary while gaining experience as soon as possible.

 I have made a life-long commitment to ensure that parents in Cape Town only pay HALF the price of any other college in and around Cape Town.

The average cost per year for a Diploma course at other colleges is between R30 000 – R40 000 per year and I only

charge R18 000 per year –an affordable R1 800 per month over 10 months.
Professional, quality education which you will only find at Calvin-Academy.

At the start of my business career, I was obsessed with making money and paid only lip-service to the importance of client service. When I saw my client, I saw money. I did not care much about the service they were getting from my teaching. I cared little if they understood the functions and tools of the particular computer programme which I taught. I was already calculating the profits I was going to make from my next student.

Three years later, (1996) I lost my business and I had to start all over again. I learned some hard yet valuable lessons. I then got myself a mentor and he suggested that I get a business role model and study that person’s life.

I had to learn from the life stories of successful leaders, the business principles they applied and I had to strive to do the same.(years later, I still  regularly meet with my mentor to discuss business growth as well as my personal growth).

Once I had adopted the principle of ‘always place people first and success will follow’ I had to change my inner-world (thoughts) until I truly believed it with my whole heart.

This was a slow process at first, but I knew I had to change. I was determined to become the ‘right’ business person.

You see, I not only had to change my business model, but I had to change who I was as a person.

For me,  CHANGE had to come from within which is vital for success.

If we are not prepared to adopt similar thinking and habits of
successful role models, we will probably experience a longer and tougher road to success in all we do.

The good news is that you can change who you are by…
changing the way you think and then by
changing the habits you form.
Adopt the thinking and behavior (habits) of your own role models, whether in business or in any sport.



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Computer graphic software like CORELDRAW /ILLUSTRATOR/ PHOTOSHOP and AutoCAD / REVIT / SOLIDWORKS is best learned if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT in a SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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Calvin Dorman
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