News Update 233

03-03-2023 News Update 233

Hello, Calvin here again.

As your clients grow so you grow alongside them.

Desire + Action = Results

It is only continual results on short term goals that can lead to success. If you still feel stuck and do not know where or how to start, then try these practical suggestions. I use them continuously to increase my momentum towards success.


1 – Write down what exactly it is that you desire.  If it relates to career, business, gym or whatever you so strongly long for, then just write it down. Just do it. It is part of the process and is an important start. 


2 – List the ways in which you plan on achieving optimum results. What do I personally need to do to see this plan come to fruition? This is the HOW TO part. Here you look at what worked in the past and what did not. Here you also look at new creative ideas you can try.


3 – Set up a daily schedule outlining each step that needs to be taken. Be specific and create a list of your daily goals.  At the end of the week you will be able to see how much you were able to accomplish. 


4 – Make a commitment to yourself to “Work the Plan”.  Stay focused on the positive and list all the strengths you possess that will help you to complete your plan.


5 – Incorporate both your strengths and weakness into your plan of action.  Some people forget what their true capabilities and shortcomings are. 


This will not be all plain sailing at the beginning. It will take time as you adjust and start to create momentum.

Believe and expect your goals to be achieved. Do not let it merely become a talked about fantasy on Facebook. Rather, take a little focused action each day so that it moves from being a fantasy into a theory (meaning it could be possible) which will then soon become an expectation which you will become determined to see through

Isn’t it a relief knowing that you will be able to master the specialist industry software used today after my course which is vital to your career success?

If you are thinking about getting ahead in your career and want to show your employer that you are currently booked for a specialist software course related to your industry….then…achieving your course certificate would be easy if you realize that any success in life is a series of small achievable steps

Each software course level that you successfully take will be well planned out for you so that the course you are taking is teaching you the industry relevant content in an ordered, step-by-step way so that you are not “all over the place” learning from irrelevant self-study material that does not focus on the basics first and foremost.

Planning and customizing your course and design excercises (homework) by your lecturer is essential so that applying what you have learned can be demonstrated in practical examples which will be relevant to your job and that your lecturer has customised for you.

Now you will feel more and more empowered as the software functions/tools start to make sense to you and you gain confidence with the programme because of the planning and input of the expert who is showing you one-to-one the best methods to use.

The best way to refine or better your own computer software skills is to do one-to-one classes with an expert like myself with my customized step-by-step training methods

Now is the time to act on your career ambitions and get the One-To-One Training you deserve!


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Computer graphic software like CORELDRAW /ILLUSTRATOR/ PHOTOSHOP and AutoCAD / REVIT / SOLIDWORKS is best learned if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT in a SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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Calvin Dorman
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