News Update 238


07-04-2023 News Update 238

Hello, Calvin here again.



Setting goals are important.  We all have daily goals.  But here’s the problem I have when people tell me their goals. 

They simply have too many things they want to achieve with no clear plan.

There must be one clear goal which has priority over others. 

Having a to-do-list is not the same as having an important goal and a plan to achieve it.

One of the most important goals you can have, is the one goal you want to achieve regarding your career.

Your career is important and if your goal is to become the best in what you do in your industry, then you should have  continuous learning as part of your value-system.  

This is because there is always more to learn regarding any career direction you may take.
I offer training in the design industry, whether it is CAD, Graphic or digital design, there is always new trends to learn and specialist computer software to master. 

Do not get trapped in a comfort zone where you become complacent and unwilling to try new goals related to your career.

If your company has a good website and have not made digital marketing as an important strategy to drive traffic to it then there is room for growth. 

Similarly, if you are part of your company’s marketing team, but you don’t know much about Social Media and how to place Facebook Ads, then there is room for growth.

When you are clear about your career goals and know what courses to take to achieve those goals, then you will experience the satisfaction of getting up in the morning wanting to take on new challenges in your career. 

I can assure you the rewards will be great when you decide to make your big career goals more important than your daily to-do-lists.

Part of preparation is also the ability to pre-empt opportunities that may arise.  

You cannot “wake up” and realize you need specific software skills related to your industry when the opportunity presents itself. 
Then it is already too late.

To learn new skills take time and money.  You have so save up and plan for a course well in advance. 

Attempting to learn “instantly” with a few YouTube videos are not going to equip you with the skills you require when a new client project arises.

You must be aware of the trends in your industry and prepare for it now. 

So when the opportunity arises in the future, then you are already fully prepared and the success of the outcome is more likely than trying to rush into any new challenge.

To increase your performance, sometimes what you need is 100% concentration with someone who has the training skills and subject knowledge to help your cross that skills gap bridge.

The best way to refine or better your own computer software skills is to do one-to-one classes with an expert like myself with my customized step-by-step training methods



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