News Update 241

05-05-2023 News Update 241

I hope that most people who read my weekly news updates are career driven or are passionate about growing their small or part-time business.

Your career is important to you and you want to show growth to maximise profitability.

If this is the case then I would like you to think about these two questions:
Is achieving your career/business goals in the shortest period of time important to you?

Are you 100 % sure you can make your career/ business goals possible or do you depend on circumstances and a measure of luck? 

I am always amazed at how people continue to procrastinate in general and how they keep postponing important decisions. Surely, they have a money saving strategy in place to make sure they can achieve their goals. 

Unfortunately there just seems to be no sense of urgency.

If you look at successful people in general, you will always get the impression that they like to get things done sooner rather than later. And time is important to them and not to be wasted. 

Goals should not be left for tomorrow if you can make an effort to achieve them today. 

In the same way, they do not allow anything to get in the way of their pursuit to achieve their goals.

In my One-To-One training classes, I teach you the industry relevant content in an ordered, step-by-step way so that you are not “all over the place” learning from irrelevant self-study material that does not focus on the basics first and foremost.

My Planning and customising of your course and design exercises (homework) is essential so that applying what you have learned can be demonstrated in practical examples which will be relevant to your job.

Now you will feel more and more empowered as the software functions/tools start to make sense to you and you gain confidence with the programme because of the planning and input of the expert who is showing you one-to-one the best methods to use.

I always get the sense that these career-driven people have a clear plan and know what they want to achieve and by when. They never have excuses and tend to make things happen.

Often, what seems impossible to the outsider, they have the ability to achieve and make these ”impossible” goals happen.  They believe in themselves and that their goals are possible. 

They believe in their own plan and they do not doubt their plan, hard work and effort will show positive results.

They reach all of their achievements in the shortest period of time that you would never have thought possible.

Have you met people like this?  I have and I always think to myself “WOW” I wish I had that kind of drive within myself”.

Speed is important in any business today.  Technology makes companies more successful in a shorter period of time compared to 10 years ago.

There is a saying that there are many roads that lead to Rome but surely you want to take the easiest and quickest road with someone who is experienced and knows the route to take and can explain it to you in an understandable step-by-step method which is ideal for you as an individual to grasp and implement.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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