News Update 250

07-07-2023 News Update 250

Hello, Calvin here again.

Have you met people like this?  I have and I always think to myself “WOW” I wish I had that kind of drive within myself”.

Speed is important in any business today.  Technology makes companies more successful in a shorter period of time compared to 10 years ago.

So we must learn to take advantage of this “speed” and get out of our comfort zone.
People and companies today which are still dependent on traditional ways of doing business and not taking advantage of eCommerce or digital marketing methods are going to experience slow or negative growth. That is my prediction.

So now is the time, I believe, when we should revisit our goals and ask ourselves why have we not achieved our goals yet.  Why does things take longer for us to happen compared to others with similar goals. Most of the reasons are because we are not taking advantage of the speed of doing business that technology offers. And we are not learning the courses to become tech-educated.

Do we know the latest software related to our industry or are we still “old-school”.
The best way to overcome any “delayed dream” is to start the learning process again. 

A commitment to continuous learning is the way we refine our plans and abilities. 

I offer training in the design industry, whether it is CAD, Graphic or digital design, there is always new trends to learn and specialist computer software to master. 

Once we have the right tech-skills and are more goal-driven again, then circumstances will change. We must find ourselves “impatient” again to make things happen even faster in our careers or business.

To increase your performance, sometimes what you need is 100% concentration with someone who has the training skills and subject knowledge to help your cross that skills gap bridge.

The best way to refine or better your own computer software skills is to do one-to-one classes with an expert like myself with my customized step-by-step training methods

As the owner of Calvin Academy, I also lecture all about Entrepreneurship and leadership to my students.  In one of my recent lectures, I stressed the importance of always being fully prepared.  This preparation includes keeping your computer design skills current and “sharp”.

You cannot “wake up” and realize you need specific software skills related to your industry when the opportunity presents itself.  Then it is already too late.

To learn new skills takes time and money.  You have to save up and plan for a course well in advance.  Attempting to learn “instantly” with a few YouTube videos is not going to equip you
with the skills you require when a new client project arises.

You must be aware of the trends in your industry and prepare for it now, so when the opportunity arises in the future, then you are already fully prepared and the success of the outcome is more likely than trying to rush into any new challenge.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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