News Update 252

21-07-2023 News Update 252

Hi everyone…Calvin here again

It requires great courage to know and believe in your own creativitylove, skills, knowledge and experience – all the intangible things that can’t be touched or counted – and to ask for money in exchange. It is also the greatest of all fulfilments to support ourselves financially from our own gifts.

Money comes in exchange for some service rendered.

A great way to realize how simple it is to bring money into your life is to be aware of the simple formula of all financial transactions.

It is: I render you some service, using my talents and energy with the intention of making your life more rewarding and fulfilled.

And then in exchange you pay me what is regarded as a fair exchange (market price).

All forms of marketing and website creation require strategy, but with so many campaigns flooding the web, a digital branding strategy requires an extra dose of savvy.

I rely on my experience and research while brainstorming solutions, making sure we know exactly what you want and how to make it happen.

I base all of my graphic, interface and user experience on design principles for the web.

My work features smart designs that accommodate users’ demand for simple, attractive, efficient, credible and engaging online experiences.

WordPress is now fast becoming the new standard in having a website for any business.

It is no longer over-priced and small businesses like yours, can now also afford it immediately as I am cutting the prices of WordPress website creation for under R3 400.

I believe this takes some business inventory where we look at what works and what we are still stuck in denial about. And the brainstorming of a plan customised for your business that can be implemented realistically.

A good plan and step by step execution on a good plan is essential.

RedDrum can help evaluate your current business and identify the pitfalls. Expertise on a results-driven plan is key and here we can also help.

“If you want to improve the results of your online shopping business or want to create one from scratch then you need to talk to me today”



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Computer graphic software like CORELDRAW /ILLUSTRATOR/ PHOTOSHOP and AutoCAD / REVIT / SOLIDWORKS is best learned if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT in a SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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