News Update 262

06-10-2023 News Update 262

Hello, Calvin here again.


As an expert in Specialist Computer Software Training since 1995, I have kept myself updated with latest Adobe and CorelDraw programmes to make sure my students get the skills they need for their careers.

I know exactly by now how to get beginner students to understand and use the software essential to their industry.

Firstly, the One-To-One Training method by an industry expert like me and my trainers are vital.

You have to go this route if you want the best results from a computer software course.

And secondly, you have to understand how individual students grasp certain tools/functions so that you can also get them to focus on the step-by-step process and then get them to apply what they have learned with you without struggling on any given project. 

Application to a design brief is key.

Understanding exactly what my students need to learn and knowing the common pitfalls they fall into when getting confused by too many commands is vital to me so that I can guide them and allow them to gain more and more confidence with every customised design exercise I present.

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Now having the industry background, we can focus on the more important aspects of the software first and know which functions are used more often and when it should be used.

Keyboard shortcuts and my tips with design over the years also helps and students feel more confident with an experienced, expert trainer next to them that has the patience and natural teaching ability to get beginners started with confidence.

Isn’t it a relief knowing that you will be able to master the specialist industry software used today after my course which is vital to your career success?

If you are thinking about getting ahead in your career and want to show your employer that you are currently booked for a specialist software course related to your industry….then…achieving your course certificate would be easy if you realize that any success in life is a series of small achievable steps

Each software course level that you successfully take will be well planned out for you so that the course you are taking is teaching you the industry relevant content in an ordered, step-by-step way so that you are not “all over the place” learning from irrelevant self-study material that does not focus on the basics first and foremost.

Planning and customizing your course and design excercises (homework) by your lecturer is essential so that applying what you have learned can be demonstrated in practical examples which will be relevant to your job and that your lecturer has customised for you.

Now you will feel more and more empowered as the software functions/tools start to make sense to you and you gain confidence with the programme because of the planning and input of the expert who is showing you one-to-one the best methods to use.

The best way to refine or better your own computer software skills is to do one-to-one classes with an expert like myself with my customized step-by-step training methods

Now is the time to act on your career ambitions and get the One-To-One Training you deserve!



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Computer graphic software like CORELDRAW /ILLUSTRATOR/ PHOTOSHOP and AutoCAD / REVIT / SOLIDWORKS is best learned if you get trained ONE-TO-ONE BY AN EXPERT in a SAFE, HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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