Newsletter 169

13-07-2021 News Update 169

Hello, Calvin here again with another update for this week.

Life sometimes throws a curved ball at us.  Just when we have vaccines readily available at Clicks and Diskem and can register for it, we suddenly go into a Level 4 lockdown due to the Delta variant of Covid-19.

This seems to emphasise the reality that the pandemic is not going to go away any time soon and that we have to make new or adjusted career plans instead of just waiting for things to get back to the ’old normal’.

More and more I find career professionals turning to online courses to help them learn how to work from home via the internet.

Suddenly they are buying lighting equipment to enhance their Zoom meeting experience and turning to apps to track their productivity.

Furthermore, I find small business turning to eCommerce to generate more sales as people shop less at stores during the week.

I trust you have also made new adjusted plans to cope and if not, I want to encourage you to start a small online business from home to supplement your income.

Here I can definitely help you.  I have been helping many small businesse owners by creating a modern website for them using WordPress since 2018. 

Having an online presence is essential for all small businesses as potential clients can view your offer direct from their cell phones. 

If I create an eCommerce site for you, then customers can a;so buy your products directly online as well. 

My goal is to keep the cost of having an eCommerce site as low as possible (not more than R3000) because I know small businesses work on tight budgets and this may even be a new venture for you as a start-up.

View my website designs at:

Now, when it comes to studying online…… I would rather encourage you to do one-to-one classes with an expert instead  on doing a strictly self-study on-line course. 

Here I have found that student/lecturer interaction is vital for learning especially when taking computer training courses that are more specialized, like computer graphics and CAD.

I have listed all my specialist computer software courses below and do not hesitate to improve your skills and get ahead by working from home as well during this pandemic.

Calvin’s Training Venue:
Tygerberg Art Centre
Du Toit St
Glenlily, Parow,
Cape Town

Calvin’s House Centre Venue:
37 Van Eyssen St
Glenlily, Parow,
Cape Town


Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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