Newsletter 170

21-07-2021 News Update 170

Hello, Calvin here…….

It was really disappointing to see last week’s destruction of malls, shops and many food supply chains burnt.

Although it did not affect Cape Town area directly, it will have a ripple effect here as well by delaying economic recovery and adding to job scarcity.

I have been tracking SA’s unemployment rate for many years now and the increase rate has accelerated since Covid in Feb 2020.
The official unemployment rate was 32,6% in the first quarter of 2021 -Stats SA.

Despite things getting worse and not better, I will resist giving up hope and will continue believing that the small part that my academy makes in creating job opportunities for my students, DO make a difference.

We all have to make an effort as parents to create opportunities for our children by becoming part of the solution and not giving up hope.

At CalvinAcademy I continue to price my courses low while every year I raise the bar in providing the best teaching and industry level skills for my students.

I want to make it affordable for every parent whose child is talented or shows an interest in graphic design to attend my college and take hold of career opportunities that comes our way through my digital design business, RedDrum.

I want every young person to have a vision for their career and not just drift from job to job with no clear goal in mind.

But you cannot just have a career vision without the creative tension that should go along with it.

Let me explain: because a vision is a long term goal, many people do not put an urgency to it.

This “tension” I am talking about is the continueous way you must try to fulfill this career vision sooner and the way to do it is to seek and find different alternatives all the time.

This is where your creativity will kick in because you have to think of ways to make your dream happen sooner without giving up.

Without this creative tension, most long term goals will never happen and most simply give up after a perod of time especially when circumstances are not in their favour.

Don’t rely on luck or better circumstances to achieve your dream. Instead rely on your creative effort and drive to make it happen.

And if you are an owner of a small business, you have to find ways to start and grow your eCommerce website sooner rather than later.

You have to tell your customers to shop online with you or they will go somewhere else -especially young people prefer to buy anything and everything online.

If you are currently working and involved with your company’s marketing, then you have to look at digital design and social media marketing courses as well.

You cannot have a wonderful career or business one day in the future without a vision that is well-planned today.

But in the same breath, this vision of yours will not happen without creative tension where you think about it daily and become almost “obsessed” to find tactics and ways to make your vision happen sooner.

Rather plan achievable yearly goals and not vague 5 year goals.

Life changes too fast and too sudden as we have seen with this pandemic and now the looting which has set the country back economically.

Lets start working on our career goals with a little more urgency to it than in the past.

Let us not spiral into dispair but use our creative capacity to come up with plans to overcome our current situation whether it means you have to take a course or create an online shop for your business. And if you think I can assist in making your career vision a reality then call or send me a whatsapp on 084 394 4325.

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Well, friends, that’s all from me for today, have an great week!

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