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The VALUES by which I measure myself daily is: Truth, Respect & Self-Growth

Once you have found your market niche, you must quickly learn to dominate it.  This competitive edge will keep you financially strong to invest in other business opportunities later on.

I am sure you have heard of the following sayings “stay on top of your game” and “stay ahead of the pack”  Well, you can only stay ahead once you dominate your market niche first.

You have to be the best in your niche – the undisputed champion – like Google : the number 1 search engine for more than a decade and way ahead of the pack – Do you see Yahoo and Explorer catching up? – I don’t.

No matter how small you pond is (market niche), make sure you stay the biggest fish swimming in that pond.

You have to stay updated within your industry by watching trends and being on the cutting-edge of finding new solutions and methods of doing business.  You have to stay the BEST by improving all the time.

The reason why  is simple:  If you are not the best at what you do, then someone else is going to take your place and benefit.  Yes, someone else is going to get the promotion ahead of you because they were prepared to put in the hours to upgrade their skills and become the “top dog”.

If you don’t dominate your market niche, your competition will.

I have made it a habit to work 10X harder and longer hours than anyone I have come across in business.  Staying on top of my game and being the expert is important to me.

I am always improving my training material and videos and making sure that my students learn the computer software that is relevant to their industry.

By doing regular on-site training at various companies and staying in touch with business leaders through my internship programme, I am able to be well informed about the latest trends and innovations.

You must do this as well.  You must stay ahead of your fellow team members at work and make sure they respect you as being a leader in your field.  One way you do it, is by using research and training and talking to industry leaders.

Once you learn how to dominate your nich through acquiring knowledge, you will never look back again. You will leave your competitors far behind while you reap the rewards of your efforts.